Gro, Grobag Promo. Boardroom Window Display

We recently produced this window display for Gro. They were pitching some new products to their clients and we worked with their designers to produce this eye-catching display. There were hanging prints and profile cut logos complimented by a cute SAV window graphic.

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Thanks to David, Ben, Liz and the rest of the team at Gro.  It was one of those days where everything seemed to be against us but it looked sweet in the end and the meeting was a success!  Nice one Team Gro!

Plymouth School of Creative Arts

I have been working on the graphics for the hoardings surrounding the site of the new creative school being built in Millbay, Plymouth. The Plymouth School of Creative Arts is a visionary new school for Plymouth, sponsored by The Plymouth College of Art. For more information please check out their website. The building and construction site is being managed by the Kier Group PLC.

The Initial designs and concepts were created by Steve at Prior Creative, with input from the creative and marketing team at the school. I was asked to transfer the graphics from screen to board. It was a fairly tricky project to produce and install due to its size, over 150m of hoarding / approximately 200m2 of self adhesive vinyl!

It looks great and has generated lots of interest from the local community. It was just a building site at the start of last week, now the site has some meaning to people, something to get excited about.

The Milbay area is experiencing a regeneration at the moment, hopefully this will encourage people to claim back the neglected areas of Plymouth,  like Union Street and the old Palace Theater Building for example.

I would like to thank Josie at The Plymouth School of Creative Arts, Andy at Kier and Steve at Prior Creative for their support during this project.

Good luck with the school guys and girls!


I was asked to paint a perspex piece based on some hummingbird wallpaper. It will be a centerpiece for a bedroom wall.

I cut the stencils and sprayed each layer to build up the colours. Using each side of the clear perspex gives it depth and texture. It was tricky spraying on the back as you have to apply the layers back to front.

If you need a piece to match your decor at home or work and cant seem to find anything, I could make something for you.

Pin up. (work in progress)

This piece may take a while so I’m adding photos as I go…

The layers are built up using stencils and spray paint. Its quite an organic process as some things fit and others don’t so I have to trim bits and pieces to make them work. This means its never like the original drawing but it feels less restrictive this way. Also, the reclaimed plywood is never cut straight and I don’t use registration marks so its just my eye and a steady hand.

This piece will eventually be available at my shop here…

Crime Does Not Pay


I’ve been a big fan of comic books for ages. I love 4CP old mastheads. This one is inspired by the crime and punishment publication from 1946. Loved the colours and the boldness of the text. I thought I’d recreate it with spray paint and here’s the result. Its made to look old and distressed, a bit like the original scan. I hope this will be first of a series of these. Its for sale here…

Vinylart. Perspex and Vinyl Graphics

Produced in association with Upfest. These Perspex pieces were produced from scans of the artists original canvas. Produced to limited editions they look fresh and would suit any home / business. They have a multidimensional feel as they are produced with graphics applied to both front and back surfaces. So much better than the run of the mill canvas reproductions.