We have an exciting art project coming up for the Plymouth City Centre Company!

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BigUps are currently looking for Graffiti Writers / Artists / Illustrators / Urban Artists / Collaborators or any one who can produce eye-catching art on a grand scale.

We have managed to secure a massive hoarding in a central location in Plymouth and are looking for ways of filling the space with some inspiring, original art. Ideally we would like to make a weekend of it and have the area buzzing for the reveal. We have enough space for 3 – 6 artists depending on how much space you would want to fill. Roughly we are thinking 4m X 2.5m per artist.

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To be in with a chance  of taking part please fill out the form below including up to a 100 word statement about your style and experience and what sort of piece you’d like to do in Plymouth city centre :  Sorry applications are now closed!

If you don’t have links to a dedicated website you can always send an email, with photos attached, to the email address here.

The deadline for application is Friday 25th October, with the live painting to take place on 8th – 9th November.

We would prefer established artists based locally in the southwest. However we aren’t really too fussy about that!

Selected artists will be given paint and the opportunity to sell any of their work on the day (except the piece they are making). Food and drink will also be provided. Please be aware that artists may also have to bring their own paint supplies depending on the nature of their work, how much they need to use, colours etc. We have a budget to give out free paint but are not sure yet how many cans each artist will receive and we may not be able to supply specific colours.

We are hoping this will be the start of  more live art for Plymouth, and the powers that be will begin to embrace urban art. If this goes well we could potentially be granted more space in the city centre. The success of this event may pave the way for more urban art in Plymouth. Something long overdue. With this in mind we ask you to consider the general public when submitting your work for consideration. Artwork which is offensive or abusive will not be considered. That said we don’t have a single theme and are looking forward to seeing what creative paths you follow.

We look forward to hearing from you all!

Deadline: Wednesday 15th October 2014

Event: Saturday 8th – Sunday 9th November 2014

Contact: nick@bigups.co.uk



A few photos from this successful project…



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