Embrace Campaign for Plymouth College of Art, Wall Wrap

Big Ups were over the moon to be given the opportunity once again to work with PCA and Templo on their new campaign and graphics rollout @ Plymouth College of Art.

It was a challenging install, we had a two week window to prepare, produce and install the graphics to coincide with the start of the new term. The weather gods were against us and it took a little longer to finish in the end but we’re really happy with the results

We used many different techniques on this part of the campaign. The black text was all achieved by cutting stencils and spray painting, the white text overlay was produced by cutting a Wall wrap vinyl and painstakingly heating it onto the wall so it conforms to the surface texture. The reason we did it all this way was because it had to have that hand painted feel but be spot on and representative of the design. We considered the options and just thought this was the way to go. The products we used are all top of the range material so they aren’t cheap but if things fall down then so does our reputation. We know what works and we stick to it!