I was asked to paint a perspex piece based on some hummingbird wallpaper. It will be a centerpiece for a bedroom wall.

I cut the stencils and sprayed each layer to build up the colours. Using each side of the clear perspex gives it depth and texture. It was tricky spraying on the back as you have to apply the layers back to front.

If you need a piece to match your decor at home or work and cant seem to find anything, I could make something for you.

Pin up. (work in progress)

This piece may take a while so I’m adding photos as I go…

The layers are built up using stencils and spray paint. Its quite an organic process as some things fit and others don’t so I have to trim bits and pieces to make them work. This means its never like the original drawing but it feels less restrictive this way. Also, the reclaimed plywood is never cut straight and I don’t use registration marks so its just my eye and a steady hand.

This piece will eventually be available at my shop here…